Nov 102015

We have an apology to make.

On October 1st we planned to have a downtime to re-arrange a lot of back-end material as well as release our new design. Unfortuantly just after the site was brought down there was a slight emergency which called for myself to go overseas to the USA for just over a month.

I returned yesterday and have been attempting to catch up with emails and Reddit posts to let you know that the site will be coming back up and that I am still around, but unfortuantly there is more bad news - backups were taken on a weekly basis and put onto a NAS in a completely separate location which I thought was enough. Unfortuantly the RAID 1 array has completely degraded while I was away and it is looking like recovery could be a huge pain which brings me to my next point. will be starting a-fresh with open sign ups to begin with to allow all past (and new) members to re-join if they so wish. Any previous members who donated towards us will be automatically upgraded to an unlimited lifetime account - even if they only donated towards a yearly account. Other members will be given 15 daily downloads and 15 daily API requests. If you do not get upgraded when you donated, please email and we will be sure to sort it out for you. :-)

We will be going over how we shall avoid these things happening in another post, but for now if you have any questions at all, please use the email above.